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Youth Week SA

Youth Week is a project of the Youth for Christ ministry in South Africa. Every year about 650+ young people from all over southern Africa get together for this amazing event. But where did it all start?

Here is a snapshot of our history

Youth Week was the brain child of Dennis House and the first Youth Week was held at Carmel near George in 1963. The following year (January 1964) it was held at Maselspoort near Bloemfontein in the Free State province. It later moved to Hartebeespoort Dam (North West) where a large marquee tend was erected near the dam, then moved to CYARA and the marquee was erected just north of the current “Barn”.

When Vernon Dinkelman donated the present YFC-CYARA site, it has been held there ever since.

Here is where we begin

We have an incredibly unique story and it begins in the height of apartheid South Africa. When a few, brave young people decided to gather in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unity in our belief

Fast forward – and close to 60 YOUTH WEEKS LATER – The number of changed lives can be calculated in the hundreds of thousands. You are now part of this incredible story and we cannot wait to have you add your voice to it.


What The campers Say

"I never thought I would find a place where I can openly express my faith and not be judged for it. This was one of the best weeks of my life."
"The presence of God in this place is so wonderful. I wish I could stay - How long until the next one again?"
cape town
"Dude! This was too lit. I mean from day one its been vibes on vibes. Great people, great food and of course the Tabernacle... There's no place like it!"


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